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Why Superior Polyjacking

We are a locally owned and family run business. The owner, Chad, is also the contractor. You know you’ll get great service and a great product because Chad is involved in every concrete raising project. Knowing the company’s reputation is on the line, he wants to do the very best job for every customer.

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Why We Use Polyurethane

We use polyurethane to raise concrete.

There are numerous reasons for using  polyurethane as the solution to inject under concrete slabs. We’ve found it’s the best solution out there. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Naturally expands to the voids that caused the concrete to settle
  • Cures in less than 15 minutes
  • Does not retain moisture which prevents concrete heaving
  • Will not erode
  • Will not change form, which prevents new voids and settling
  • Incredible lifting strength
  • Seals joints and cracks from underneath
  • Use your slab that same day

Polyjacking Advantages Over Mudjacking

Some companies still use “mud” to raise concrete, hence the term “mudjacking.” Most mudjacking material is actually a mixture of sand and portland concrete. It has worked in the past, but we’ve found important advantages to using polyurethane:

  • Requires a 5/8” hole vs. 1 5/8” hole or larger to get the material under the slab
  • We need fewer holes to lift the same concrete slab
  • It’s much lighter per cubic foot; won’t cause additional settling

polyjacking weight vs. mudjacking weight
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Drill Hole Size

The difference is obvious. A smaller drill hole means less patch work.

concrete leveling drill hole sizes

Actual photos of patch work for drill holes.

mudjacking hole vs. polyjacking hole

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How Much It Costs

The cost of raising concrete is typically about half of what it would cost to replace it. The exact price of your project will depend largely on the amount of raising material that will be needed to raise the concrete. Cost variables:

  • Size of concrete slab
  • Distance it needs to be raised
  • Size of void beneath the slab

A good rule of thumb to use is $2 – $5 per square foot of concrete slab. To get an accurate quote for your particular situation, please request a quote here. It’s very easy to get a quote. No one has to be present at the time; all Chad will need is a good description of the location of the concrete problem.
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How Long It Will Take

After you receive a free quote from us, we typically will have your project completed in a week or two. If you need to be on location for the quote and the concrete raising, a workable timetable will have to be scheduled.

One of the advantages of using polyurethane is that it cures very quickly, typically less than 15 minutes. A typical project takes as little as 1 hour from setup to completion and use.

We do recommend waiting 24 hours before parking your car on the affected slab.

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Other Services: Concrete Coatings

We also provide protective concrete coatings. If you would like to learn more about our floor coatings, visit Superior Garage Floor.